Brian Parker is a NFPT Certified Personal Trainer serving Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami, Plantation, Broward County and all of South Florida. Brian is a Fort Lauderdale Personal Trainer with 12 years of weight training and coaching under his belt, he has what it takes to get you the results you need.

Fort Lauderdale Personal Trainer | Personal Training for all Ages

Whether it be for trimming down for that big wedding day, preparing for sports or a marathon, trimming off that extra fat, or putting on some muscle for men and women, Brian Parker Fitness has dozens of techniques and routines that will help you reach your goals.

  • Premiere Personal Training
  • Perfect for Men & Women of All Ages
  • Competitive Rates
  • Unmatched Experience
  • Outdoor Workouts
  • Beach / Park Workouts
  • Varied Training
  • Great Personal Attention
  • Group Workouts
  • No Gym Membership Needed!
  • 7 Days a Week
  • Train in a Private Gym
  • Nutrition & Supplement Advice
  • NFPT Certified
  • Track Record of Success
  • Focus on Form and Technique

This Fort Lauderdale Personal Trainer does not just sit there and chat and count down the reps. You will be coached pushed every step of the way.

Health Coaching & Nutrition Advice

We will work on your nutrition, daily habits, and finding the right exercise program that is safe and effective for your individual needs and goals.

No Gym Fees: We train in a Private Gym in Davie, FL.

Brian Parker Fitness works with a number of gyms that allows him to work with you personally; there is no gym membership necessary.

Contact Brian Parker Fitness to discuss the payment terms, based on your weekly commitment to exercise and the amount of time you are willing to commit to your health.

Personal Training with a Fort Lauderdale Personal Trainer fitness, and health coach is the most direct route to seeing results. Brian Parker is an NFPT certified personal trainer.

This is Fort Lauderdale Personal Training and Davie Personal Training at its best.