Man Lifting WeightsAnother great article by Ben Pakulski discussing his Top 10 Mass Building Tips (For Serious Trainees Only). His top ten tips are essential for anyone looking to build mass and get in better shape.

1) 30g of protein every 2-3hrs is necessary to build muscle.

This is often a topic of much debate, but the long and short of it is that unless you have a steady supply of amino acids in your bloodstream, your body will break down it’s own tissue to meet the demands of life.

This being said, it sometimes can be okay to consume food less often (every 4-5 hours), so long as you’re getting in a surge of supplementary amino acids between those feedings to stimulate protein synthesis.

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I completely agree with every one of these tips and wholeheartedly recommend you to try them all. Focus on building tension, train multiple times per week and get plenty of sleep. This and several other great tips of staying in shape and building great muscle mass.

photo credit: Spirit-Fire via photopin cc

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