Brian Parker: Fort Lauderdale Personal Trainer, Fitness and Nutrition Coach

I’d like to welcome you to my website and give you an idea of what got me here to this point.

Brian Parker Fort Lauderdale Personal Trainer

Brian Parker Fort Lauderdale Personal Trainer

Brian Parker doesn’t believe he was born with the genetics to be a big muscle bound beast. Starting out very thin, it was very hard to put on a lot of muscle, but through determination and a lot of hard work, Brian Parker was able to beat genetics and built an athletic frame. His athletic experience started with high school wrestling and his career as a journalism teacher convinced him to start with the team because he needed to be more aggressive, strong and confident. Prior to this, Brian Parker’s only fitness experience was taking care of horses and cows on his parent’s ranch, which was very strenuous, but not consistent enough to build a physique and endurance.

When he began wrestling at 112lbs, he wasn’t necessarily short but was very thin, allowing his ribs to show through.  But with a strong work ethic from throwing around hay bails and water buckets most of his life and taking care of the animals at home, Brian Parker was able to prevail.

Brian excelled at wrestling but knew nothing about nutrition or building a physique at that time.

His senior year saw him wrestling at 119lbs. He was just starting to realize the attention you can get when you are an athlete on a high school team but was still too shy to really take advantage of it.

Brian Parker Fort Lauderdale Personal Training

Brian Parker Fort Lauderdale Personal Training

During his last year of college, studying Classical Voice and Computer Animation, Brian Parker started to get back in to weightlifting. But it was not until graduating and starting his career in music that he really got in the nutrition, supplements, and bodybuilding and personal training.

While touring with a metal band, Brian Parker dove into all the fitness learning material that he could get his hands on. He was fascinated with how one could sculpt the body, like an artist adding on clay in some spots and carving away clay into other spots. The weight was starting to multiply, reaching 125 lbs, but he knew he wanted to be much larger.

As his bodybuilding experience got better and better, people started to take notice.

The members in his band said “You remember when you took your shirt off in the third song? And girls started screaming?” and he could not help but laugh, responding “Yeah, I’m sorry about that, it won’t happen again.” And they responded “ No, do that again! We need to get as much reaction out of the crowd as we can. If it makes them go nuts like that, keep workin’ it!”

That was all the incentive that he needed. If it was going to help his band become just a little more successful at shows, then he was going to put everything he had into it.

The amount of food, protein shakes, and supplements he was going through at that time was unbelievable! When he was around his town his mom was supplying him with these HUGE steaks because of the easily accessible beef cattle, straight from their own butcher and ranch. Sometimes steaks were bigger than the dinner plate; Protein shakes with 4 eggs, mass gainer protein, 2 bananas, loads of peanut butter, etc.

Brian was reading Flex Magazine every day, and following every mass gaining workout they provided. He gradually increased from 125 to 145 to 155 to 165 lbs within 8 months.

He had also stopped drinking because he saw too many crazy incidents with the band and it never physically worked well with him. He also had a girlfriend that couldn’t drink. He wanted everything to work in his favor for putting on muscle while not fat. He also knew with all the opportunities he had with women being in that band, there was no way he was going to remain faithful if he was drinking so he decided to stop and has not drank a drop since then. Not that he has ever had a drinking problem; he was just your typical college weekend partier, but the bodybuilding thing was much more important to me, so necessary changes were made.

Eventually the band ended, but he still kept making advancements with his physique.

By the time Brian Parker decided to move to Florida he weighed 180 lbs with only 6% body fat. He was approached for a modeling job which provided even more incentive to work out harder. Once his modeling agency sent his competition cards to an agency in Florida they responded with, “Send him down, we’ll keep him real busy!”

They certainly did! And that is where the crazy adventure started! Let me tell you, going from a skinny 125 lbs kid that looked like a skinny mop with long hair to 200 lbs lean was one of the greatest blessings Brian Parker has had in his life. The doors of opportunity were wide open.

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